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Have you had trouble sticking to a fitness program? Intimidated by the big, impersonal gyms? TKO in Great Neck is the fitness center that could change your life. TKO Fitness is built to help people realize their goals and find their inner strength. We combine the most diverse amenities in the industry with the best personal training to deliver the ultimate fitness experience.

Most importantly, you’ll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goals.

Today more than ever, people are looking for strength. Whether it’s the strength to be a better parent, the strength to overcome diabetes or the strength to be a better athlete… strength comes in many forms. At TKO Fitness, we recognize that everyone has their own strength… our job for the past 5 years has been to help them find it.

Personal Training with Raul and his MCM Program
(Muscle Confusing Method)

Try personal training at TKO! Our professional, certified personal trainers will develop an individualized exercise program designed to help you realize your health and fitness goals. Our experienced trainers will encourage you to test your limits and motivate you to push out those extra repetitions and sets. At the same time, they will ensure that you are utilizing proper form and technique so that you achieve maximum benefit while dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

So let us help you bring your work outs to a new level - give personal training at TKO a try!

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